Soccer Tennis

"This is an ideal game for demonstrating your technique:
heading, juggling, controlling the ball, and playing it through the air.
It is also great fun."1
Coaching Soccer

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Soccer tennis can be played in many different ways. As singles, doubles, in threes or fours. If a tennis court is not available many different objects can serve as a net. If no objects are available then two grids can be laid out separated by a dead zone. The number of bounces and touches can be adjusted. The serve can be changed from a service from hand to kicking it off of the ground. The game is a great replacement to juggling .

Techniques. Receiving the ball in the air, heading, juggling, volleys.

Insight. Can the team in possession move their opponents into a poor position? Do they strike at the right time and play safely when needed? Can the defenders read their opponents intentions and counter them?

Communication. Do the players work well as a team? Do they compliment one another or do they play as individuals? Can the players relate to the ball, its flight, bounces and speed?

Soccer tennis involves a teammate and opponents. There is competition with a clear winner. The soccer problems are similar to those in a match. The pressure of time is real. Both teams have goals and must think of attacking and defending. While it is not soccer it is soccer like.

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Soccer tennis Click on the image to see some scenes about soccer tennis from the "Street Soccer" DVD in a Real Time video.
Order an online copy from here.

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