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Street Soccer
An Introduction To Small Sided Games

A 90 minute DVD that contains lessons and games from BSMF. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD go directly to support the Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Foundation, www.cnsfund.org. You can purchase a copy, read testimonials or view previews by clicking on the image link at left.

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"Youth Coaching Youth."
"Opponents were not seen as foes to be fought and beaten;
rather as posing a problem which had to be solved."3
David Winner

Promoting America's soccer future by investing in tomorrow's coaches today.
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  1. Home Page
  2. Index
  3. Acknowledgments    About this site
  4. U. S. Soccer's Best Practices    The direction for the United States
  5. Video's     The homepage for BSMF YouTube video's - video
  6. First Season     New coach, first season  
  7. What Is Soccer   Defining the activity - video
  8. Soccer Like   Fixing small problems
  9. Soccer Strange    Activities to avoid                                                   
  10. Playing With the Elements    Adjusting the game
  11. Team Building   The future
  12. The Coach   Architect
  13. The Children   The reason for the activity - video
  14. TIC   What is actually being coached
  15. Technique    Not to be confused with skill
  16. Insight    What is actually happening
  17. Communication    The foundation of Team Building
  18. Concentration    The foundation of mentality
  19. Mentality   Are they listening?
  20. Coaching Mentality    Getting the most out of small sided games
  21. Four Main Moments    Basic to bringing structure - video
  22. TIPS   The selection process
  23. Playmaking Style    Basics of Total Soccer
  24. Counter Attacking Style    Safety first - video       Updated, November, 2008
  25. Three Team Functions    Steps for building the match team - UEFA.com video.
  26. The Plan   The blueprint for practices and games
  27. Reading The Game   How to analyze what is going wrong
  28. Getting There from Here   Where the practice comes from
  29. Building a Practice    Structure for 90 minutes - video
  30. Training Session According to the Dutch Vision    Notes from a KNVB lecture, June 2001
  31. Homework and Active Rest   Time to work on little things
  32. Why 4v4    Reasons for using 4v4
  33. Coaching in 4v4   Guidelines for correct coaching - video
  34. Troubleshooting    Some common problems
  35. Why Goals are Scored    Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork
  36. Pressurizing    Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork
  37. Key Factors in Defensive Play    Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork  
  38. Creating Space    Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork
  39. Support in Attack     Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork
  40. Do's and Don'ts of Passing    Basic and essential information from Tactics and Teamwork
  41. Functions    Job descriptions
  42. Shape, Size and Space    Soccer geometry
  43. Dutch Week Games    Addressing soccer
  44. Games for Soccer Problems    Addressing soccer like
  45. Philosophy of Small Sided Games    Some why's
  46. Less Than Four   Building up to soccer - video
  47. 5 on the Field, or 6v6   What happens when you step out of 4v4?
  48. 7v7 & 8v8    Large small sided games   
  49. Using Goalkeepers    A big rule
  50. Levels    The Peter Principle   
  51. 4v4 Tournament Formats    Ideas for clubs to promote small sided games - video
  52. Evaluations   Marking progress in small sided games
  53. Player Evaluations    Making sense of the talent
  54. Links, Contacts and Information     email and information
  55. Forum  -  And-again - footy4kids
  56. Recommendations For Youth Clubs     Some suggestions from Kevin McShane
  57. Deconstructing Youth Soccer   OYSAN's Tom Turner offers some insight into small sided games  
  58. Street Soccer   Some observations on the changes in youth education
  59. Confessions of a Reformed Coach   An article by Steve Haney  
  60. The Evolution of Small Sided Play    An article by Dave Schumacher
  61. Small Sided Games... The Game to Develop Players    An article by Glen Buckly
  62. Definitions and Dialog     Some problems in the communication process   
  63. Frequently Asked Questions
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